Art Rental

Transform your space with art

Collezione54, 2024, installation view, photo: dropstudio

Nashira Gallery presents Art Rental, an innovative service that allows anyone to rent an original artwork to decorate and enhance the spaces of their business, workplace, or home.

What is Art Rental?

It is a service that consists of renting the works of Nashira Gallery artists and, in parallel, the private collection Collezione 54 directed to those who wish to furnish and, at the same time, enhance the environments of their workplace or home with original works of art. There will be the possibility of commissioning the artists with site-specific projects and ensuring, in this way, an even more harmonious result of the interweaving of environment and works.

Who is it for?

Art Rental is the ideal solution for:

• Prestigious offices and studios of freelancers: Enrich your work environment with valuable artwork, creating a stimulating and refined atmosphere for your clients and employees.

• Luxury hotels: Give your guests a unique and memorable experience by embellishing your lobbies, rooms and suites with high-impact artwork.

• Fine dining restaurants: Create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in your restaurant, making it an even more exclusive and memorable place for your customers.

• Private homes and villas: Bring art into your home and create a refined harmony between artwork and decor.

Collezione54, 2024, installation view, photo: dropstudio

How does it work?

Art Rental offers a consulting service centered on the selection of the most suitable artworks to highlight the potential and qualities of both the space that will accommodate them and the artworks themselves. 

These can be rented by quarterly/semiannual/annual subscription with the possibility of renewal from time to time.

At the end of the rental period for those who wish to acquire the work, there is a rent to buy service that provides a deduction from the cost of the work of 80% of the amount paid up to that time for the rental service.

What is the cost?

Subject to leaving a security deposit for possible damages or taking out insurance at the renter’s expense, the monthly rental fee is 10% or 20% of the total value of the work chosen.

Transportation and installation of the work will be charged to us.


Why choose our Art Rental service?

We offer:

• Wide selection of artworks: You will be able to choose from a wide selection of contemporary artworks by established and emerging artists from Nashira Gallery and the private collection Collezione 54.

• Site-specific works: Not only will you be able to choose from the shortlist of original works already created, but there is the possibility of directly requesting the artists to create site-specific works, and thus by definition suitable for the environment intended to house them. 

• Consulting: A team will help you select the works best suited to your space and the needs to create a harmonious environment between works and interior design.

• Full service: You won’t have to worry about transportation and installation, services paid for by the Gallery.

• Flexibility: The rental period of the works is highly variable, ranging from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12 months, with constant possibility of renewal.

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With Art Rental by Nashira Gallery you can transform your space into a unique and refined environment, enhancing it with valuable artworks.


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