Franco Arminio Dove nascono gli uccelli

May 9, 2023

“Sacred is blowing together on the fire of newly born stories”

Franco Arminio


For the finissage of Andreas Zampella‘s solo exhibition Dove nascono gli uccelli, Nashira Gallery has invited the poet and landscape artist Franco Arminio for a reading of his verses to give voice to Zampella artworks through poetry. 


Andreas Zampella’s works, with their surrealistic poses and situations and theatrical setting, helped create a poetic atmosphere, almost oneiric, that has worked well for a dialogue, echoing Arminio’s poems.



Franco Arminio was born and has always lived in Bisaccia, in eastern Irpinia.

He is a poet, writer and director at the same time. He has published many books, including Vento forte tra Lacedonia e Candela, Cartoline dai morti, Cedi la strada agli alberi, La cura dello sguardo. He collaborates with Il Mattino di Napoli, edits the poetry magazine Altofragile, and made the film Viaggio in Irpinia d’Oriente. He is the author of the narrative reportage Viaggio nel cratere (Sironi, 2003), the book that consecrated him among the most interesting writers in contemporary Italian literature. He also works on documentaries and photography. 

He has been leading efforts to stop the population decline in the interior areas of his native place, Iripinia, for a long time, telling the stories of the communities through words and pictures.

Within the scope of the National Strategy for Inland Areas, he is currently the technical referee for the Montagna Materana Pilot Project. 

He is the creator and director of La Casa della Paesologia in Bisaccia as well as La Luna e i calanchi festival in Aliano. 

His latest book is Sacro Minore, Einaudi 2023. 


Finissage with readings by Franco Arminio: May 9, 2023, at 7 p.m. For the occasion, the gallery will be open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Where: Nashira Gallery, Via Vincenzo Monti 21, Milan