Team Building

Build your bonds with art

Nashira Gallery offers a unique and engaging team-building experience for anyone who wants to strengthen bonds within their work or study environment by offering activities that involve combining the beauty of art, the power of collaboration, and the energy of teamwork.

By art-related activities, both in the broad and narrow sense, your team will be able to challenge itself with specifically designed creative challenges.

These will aim to enhance soft skills related to communication, mutual trust, and the ability to work efficiently as a team and also enable participants to get in touch with their own emotionality and thoughtfulness.

Who is it for?

The team building activities that Nashira offers are suitable for any group that wants to create a collaborative and cohesive work environment.

They are, in fact, exercises that help improve – sometimes even create – interpersonal relationships, whether in their own workplace (primarily for companies), among school desks or in university classrooms. 

The offer, being made specifically for those who request it, is very flexible and proposes differentiated projects suitable for widely different groups.

Why choose an artistic team building?


Art is a mean of expression, and because of this, it can evoke feelings that are sometimes challenging to articulate with words. 

An artistic team building can:


Foster creativity

Encourage reflection

Support the processing of thoughts

Promote open-mindedness

Improve interpersonal communication


And much more. 

The activities that Nashira Gallery offers have these very goals, and the Gallery aims to accomplish them through lightness, creativity and fun.

Why choose Nashira Gallery?

Nashira’s team building events:


They are created to meet the specific needs of the applicant, in order to create a unique, original and memorable experience. It also implies good flexibility and differentiation of proposals. 

They target to enhance the creativity of the individual, either singularly or in groups. All in an impressive and artistic setting.

They favor collaboration to achieve common goals.

They enact problem solving and interpersonal communication skills among colleagues and peers to strengthen their bonds and trust.

On suitable occasions, the group may be supervised by artists and/or experts who will be responsible to adapt the activities to the specific needs and goals of the group.


In 2023, the Gallery hosted its first team-building experience.

Team building project by Filippo Riniolo


Free your creativity and strengthen the bonds within your group with our proposals.

We are waiting for you.


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