Team building project by Filippo Riniolo

team building di Filippo Riniolo


Pre/vedere – Team building project

In 2023 Nashira Gallery organized its first team building experience. 

The activity, that took place with the involvement of the artist and performer Filippo Riniolo and the participation of a company in the healthcare sector, took the form of a true creative business process, creating affinity and team building among the participants.

Riniolo aimed to give the staff members of the company the means to recognize their unique roles and identities through art and creative thinking. 

The workshop’s theme, “Who are the prophets of today?” was selected because it might both enhance the exhibition taking place at the time at Nashira’s venues, La Profezia, and serve as an unconventional teaching tool in contrast to the traditional ones.

Prevedere Team building di Filippo Riniolo

Riniolo’s reflection centered on how one could imagine the identities of prophets such as Tiresias, Chalcante, and Cassandra if they were to be transposed to the present day. These individuals would be women and men of science, reading the present, studying real-world phenomena and processes in order to create theories about what might happen in the future.

This is what the doctors do: they apply a scientific methodology and formulate plausible hypotheses about what will actually occur. In this sense, they are the prophets of today.

The practical part began with a talk that explored this relationship. Each participant was then invited to rewrite the well-known Odyssey poem with a modern twist, giving elders – who were regarded as prophets at the time due to their knowledge and wisdom – credit for the function of scientists.

Prevedere Team building Filippo Riniolo