Dove nascono gli uccelli

Andreas Zampella

From 15.03.2023 to 15.05.2023

Dove nascono gli uccelli di Andreas Zampella

Nashira Gallery hosted from 15th of March to 15th of May 2023 the exhibition Dove nascono gli uccelli by artist Andreas Zampella, born in 1989.

This was the first solo exhibition of Zampella, whose work, which has always been inspired by stage sets and the world of theatre, was distributed in the space, exploiting it in its entirety and creating an intense dialogue of paintings and sculptures

Dove nascono gli uccelli is also the title of one of the works on display, a painting depicting the close-up of a throat, a symbol of that hidden place from which words are born, which then emerge and become narratives, sounds

The rhythm of this sound is dictated within the space by an iron installation, Composizione su due treppiedi, which has occupied the entire exhibition area of the gallery, holding over more than 2,000 silicone and flour sculptures. 

In the guise of legs, these sculptures represent notes from a sheet music that is the composition itself, but also puppets, theatre actors or spectators. 

The setting in which these actors and spectators are placed leads them to observe the clay paintings on the wall, a peculiarity of the artist. 

The subjects of Zampella’s works belong to domestic environments and are of everyday use, but  just as in theater works, they come to life and perform unexpected and surreal actions, highlighting to the eyes of the viewer, who is thus made an active part of the space, all the difficulties and beauties of everyday life. 

In this exhibition, with which the artist has given a different voice to his words, Zampella has immersed us in a space that has itself become a work of art.


Termosifone e limoni, 2022 oil on canvas, 26x35cm

Pranzo al buio, 2022

clay, oil on canvas, 118×108 cm

Dove nascono gli uccelli, installation view

Bottiglie di notte, 2023

clay, oil on canvas, 135x170cm

Sul divano alle 17.00, 2022

clay, oil on canvas, 28×32 cm

Dove nascono gli uccelli, installation view

Dove nascono gli uccelli, 2023

clay, oil on canvas, 120x94cm

Composizione su due treppiedi (dettaglio), 2023

silicone, iron, environmental measures