Suoni dalla materia

In collaboration with Conserere Ensemble

March 23rd 2024

On Saturday March 23rd 2024 at Nashira Gallery, as a conclusion of  the exhibition Sinai Phone by Emanuele Resce, it was held the event Suoni dalla materia, a performance by the Conserere Ensemble collective that gave viewers the opportunity to discover a new perception of the works on show.

Conserere Ensemble is a collective composed of musicians who make improvisation the center of their artistic research.

For the occasion, the artist and the group proposed a combination of sound and sculpture, managing to reveal the sonorous vibrations latent in the materials used by Resce (stone, clay, terracotta, iron, aluminum and organic parts) and thus going on to create a disruptive onomatopoeia between sounds and matter. 

Both the artists and the spectators distributed themselves around the areas, periodically facing a different piece of art. As a result, everyone within the gallery felt both completely submerged in and a part of this auditory stream. One musician attacked first, and then gradually other “voices” were added one after the other, culminating in a chorus of various vibrations that had a powerful emotional impact. 

Through this performance, visitors were given a whole new and multisensory experience with Emanuele Resce’s works, an experience that allowed them to delve deeper than just the visual aspect of the pieces and discover uncharted territory that the material investigation of the sculptural process can uncover.