Emanuele Resce

Born in Benevento in 1987. Lives and works in Milan.
Resce’s research is determined plastically while still maintaining the spiritual side that arises from the study of relationships. The artist takes from reality materials that have finished their production cycle and are now determined in their form. Normally, for all of us, they might be a car door, rather than a wrench: they are such because they are nominally determined, and we do not go beyond their form and substance. Instead, Resce does, discovering the intrinsic energy of his objects. He enters into it and, little by little, investigates each particle that constitutes the voluntarily chosen object. Next, he tries to understand how the particles of these objects can relate to others, of other objects. In this way, he creates a new object that is determined to be a work of art.
The sources of study are twofold. While Resce’s interests range from prehistoric archaeology to ancient literature, through a careful study of contemporary and twentieth-century art history, he also prefers encounters with other artists.
As the artist himself states, “My main source of training has been the sharing, constant over the years, of work studies with other young artists who came from different experiences and formations. A circumstance, that of sharing a physical space like the studio, which has fostered a fruitful interchange.

Main solo exhibitions: 2022: Al-Khwarizmi, Archaeological Museum, Spoleto; 2021: Storie di altre storie, Piazza della Repubblica, Turin; 2018: Alban Eluded, Galleria Brera Uno, Milan; 2017: Distanza del tempo presente, Galleria The Room Studios, Rome. 

Major group exhibitions: 2022: The source of the work, consorzio la Giacinta, Rome; 2021: Chronoeye, I fumi della fornace, Macerata; Cambio lavoro, Carrozzeria delle Rose, Milan; Portal iI /2021, Co-atto, Milan; Dark Hawaii, Omuamua, Milan; 2020: Shame mobile residence, Palazzo Santi, Perugia; 2019: Zarathustra Desorder, Palazzo Angelini, Benevento.


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