Zadok Ben-David

Born in Beihan, Yemen, in 1949. Lives and works in London.
Zadok Ben-David is an award-winning artist best known for his sculptures, installations and public artworks, Ben-David explores themes related to human nature and evolution. His work is often described as poetic and magical, always poised between delicate miniature works and monumental installations. Metalwork has become his most frequently used language, contrasting with the subtle optical illusions he creates through a sometimes rough medium.

Ben-David represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 1988 and has participated in biennials around the world, including the XXII International Art Biennale of Cerveira, Portugal (2022), the Breda Biennale of Photography, Netherlands (2020), Krasnoyarsk Biennale, Russia (2019), Busan Biennale,South Korea (2010); Cuvee Biennale, Austria (2009); “Wonder” Singapore Biennale, Singapore (2008) and Sculptuur Biennale, Netherlands (2007).

The artist has exhibited in various museums around the world, and later this year will participate in an international exhibition at the renowned Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands. Solo and group exhibitions include: Itchimbia Cultural Center, Ecuador (2022), Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, London, UK (2021), Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, London, UK (2021). Gardens, London, UK (2021), Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais, Portugal (2019), Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, France (2018), Kenpoku Art Festival, Japan (2016), Art Gallery of Uzbekistan and Museum of Israel (2015), National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana (2014), Mysteski Arsevnal, Ukraine (2012), Guangdong Art Museum, China (2007), Singapore Museum of Art, Singapore (2003), Neanderthal Museum, Germany (2000), Palais Royal, Paris, France (2000) and Kunsteuropa, Germany (1992). (1992). Ben-David has also exhibited extensively in art galleries in Europe, Australia, America, Central Asia and the Middle East, and his works are in many public and private collections around the world.

Ben-David has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Grande Prémio Biennale at the 14th International Art Biennale in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal (2007) and the Tel Aviv Museum Prize for Sculpture (2005). In 2008 he was commissioned by the Beijing Olympics to create a unique installation.

Born in Bayhan, Yemen, in 1949, Ben-David emigrated to Israel in the same year and graduated in Advanced Sculpture from St. Martin’s School of Art in London, where he also taught from 1977 to 1982.


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