Andreas Zampella

(Salerno, 1989)

Originally from Salerno and educated in Naples with studies in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Andreas Zampella (1989) has been living and working in Milan for five years. In addition to numerous residencies in Italy, including BoCS Art in Cosenza and Dolomiti Contemporanee, his most recent exhibition curriculum includes the solo show Piano d’ascolto at the Andrea Festa Gallery in Rome (2022), the intervention Passaggio al buio as part of the Portfolio cycle of the Quadriennale di Roma at Palazzo Braschi (2023) and the solo show Dove nascono gli uccelli at Nashira Gallery in Milan (2023). All the elements of Andreas’ work are composed as in a play: the painting is the setting for the actions and non-actions, a metaphor for the observer; the utensils and sculptures are the props, whose meaning changes and is discovered in space. All things live a condition of continuous action, as abscesses of performance art.

With these guidelines, his work investigates the relationship between reality and representation in society, admitting the failure of communication in the contemporary world. Like thresholds or half-open ushers, his works oscillate in conditions on the borderline between tiredness and anxiety, lament and accusation, obligation and boredom, individual and collectivity, and do so indolently, hypocritically, in the full paradox of reality.


Dove nascono gli uccelli

La Profezia



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