Sinai Phone

From 8.02.2024 to 28.03.2024

Nashira Gallery is hosting the exhibition Sinai Phone by the Campania artist, born in 1987, Emanuele Resce, open from 8 February to 28 March 2024.

For the occasion, the artist exhibited his latest production consisting of sculptures and wall installations made by the assembling of discarded materials. They represent a material – and therefore non-human – speculation on humanity and on the circularity of time (past, present, future).

The elements of these works are clay and iron, but also recurrent are animal bones, car and bicycle wrecks, stickers and spray cans, in a combination of the ancient (of which Resce, especially of texts, has always been a passionate scholar) and the contemporary, the natural and the artificial, the rural and the urban.

The pieces that result from this conjunction of different worlds take on unrecognizable, almost monstrous profiles, in front of which the spectator, wrapped in an almost apocalyptic scenario that testifies to the life that has existed until today, wonders what he is witnessing: is it a beginning or is it an end? The artist, however, does not want to provide answers, but to create a testimony: much life has existed and who knows how much more will still exist, but it is a life that goes beyond the human element and our understanding.


Sinai Phone, installation view, 2024, photo: m3studio

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Appeared in the stone, 2020, skateboards, calf jaws, glue, acrylic, variable dimensions, photo: m3studio

Stasis, 2023, iron sheets, frame fragments and bins, terracotta, acrylic enamel, 157x154x40 cm, photo: m3studio

Heaven Dead, 2023, bike frame fragments, stone,

windshield, 110x160x20 cm, photo: m3studio

Apparizione di un secondo sole, 2023, iron, stone, aluminium, spray enamel, 70x70x230 cm

L’inizio del pensiero, 2023, stone on iron pedestal,

166x37x37 cm

photo: m3studio

Sinai Phone, installation view, 2024, photo: m3studio

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