Ako Atikossie

Born in Zalivé, Togo, in 1980. He lives and works in Milan.
His installations and painting technique analyze the potential relationships between technology, matter and natural resources, expressed through an abstract language. In his artistic practice he investigates and explores the transformations and new scenarios of contemporary sciences.
Main solo exhibitions: 2021: The Minus Sign, Suburbia Contemporary on Artsy; Confini identitari, La Portineria, Florence; 2019: Suite proporzionale, Calisto Cafè, Valiate; 2018: Museo del Carcere “Le Nuove”, Turin; 2015: Europa o l’assenza, Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, curated by Paolo Ferrari; L’absence de dialogue, Supernova Gallery, Pavia curated by Mariangela Calisti. 
Main group exhibitions: 2022: Art Géneve, Gowen Contemporary Gallery; 2021: Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Suburbia Contemporary, Cape Town; Urban Environments and imaginary spaces, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona; 2019: Cairo Arte Editore Prize, Palazzo Reale, Milan; 2016: La Biennale Arte &Industria Utopia = realtà, Labin Istria, Croatia; 2015: Shapes, Circoloquadro, Milan.
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